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At Androizen, we help entrepreneurs think differently about their mobile app and website businesses. We love to inspire with ideas and bring our passion for strategic thinking and innovation to each project. We provide design and development services across Android apps and websites.

Our Recent Work

  • Marathi Mhani [मराठी म्हणी]

    Marathi Mhani

  • APN Settings

    APN Settings

  • India Pincode

    India Pincode

  • Indian Birds

    Indian Birds

  • Pune Bus Guide

    Pune Bus Guide

  • Operator Name Widget

    Operator Name Widget

  • Indian Classical Ragas

    Indian Classical Ragas

  • Math Tools

    Math Tools

  • Gujrati Kahevat- ગુજરાતી કહેવત

    Gujrati Kahevat

  • Hindi Muhavare [हिंदी मुहावरे]

    Hindi Muhavare

  • File Extensions

    File Extensions

  • Birthday Reminder Widget

    Birthday Reminder Widget

  • Ashtavinayak [अष्टविनायक]


  • Wildlife Sanctuaries

    Wildlife Sanctuaries

  • Indian Butterflies

    Indian Butterflies

  • World Languages

    World Languages

  • Bangla Probad [বাংলা প্রবাদ]

    Bangla Probad

  • Nepali Ukhan [उखान टुक्का]

    Nepali Ukhan

  • Telugu Samethalu [సామెతలు]

    Telugu Samethalu

  • Kannada Gadegalu [ಗಾದೆಗಳು]

    Kannada Gadegalu

  • Malvani Mhani [मालवणी म्हणी]

    Malvani Mhani

  • Punjabi Kahawata [ਕਹਾਵਤ]

    Punjabi Kahawata

  • Vegetable Flashcards [मराठी]

    Vegetable Flashcards Marathi

  • Tamil Palamolikal [பழமொழிகள்]

    Tamil Palamolikal

  • Vegetable Flashcards [বাংলা]

    Vegetable Flashcards Bengali

  • Currency Rate

    Currency Rate

  • English Maxims

    English Maxims

  • Vegetable Flashcards [हिंदी]

    Vegetable Flashcards Hindi

  • Vegetable Flashcards

    Vegetable Flashcards

  • Vehicle Pairs

    Vehicle Pairs

  • Guess the Bird - Photo Quiz

    Guess the Bird

  • Radio Stations of India

    Radio Stations of India

  • English Palindromes

    English Palindromes

  • Guess the Butterfly - Photo Quiz

    Guess the Butterfly

  • Marathi Palindromes [विलोमपदे]

    Marathi Palindromes

  • Sanskrit Subhashitmala

    Sanskrit Subhashitmala

  • Malyalam Pazhamchollukal [പഴഞ്ചൊല്ലുകള്‍]

    Malyalam Pazhamchollukal


Androizen is specialized in mobile application development for android powered devices. It has expertise in website development focused on nature, travel, social media, mobile and small business websites. Learn more...

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Our development centre is located in India's IT hub, Pune, India which is strategically located close to Mumbai, the financial capital of the country. Most of the world’s largest IT services companies have their base in Pune thereby making available abundant highly skilled resources for development of projects.

E-mail: contact@androizen.com